Running is an easy sport to get into and an easy sport to love. Running takes a lot of effort but not too much skill. If you can walk you can run. If you are in shape for running and have a passion for it, it will come easy.

Most running races test speed, endurance or both. Track and field races are usually divided into sprints, middle-distance races and long-distance races. Races held off the track are called cross-country races. And a marathon is a run that is over 42 kilometers. Although it may not seem like it, running is quite competitive. People work their butts off to become the fastest in order to win the race. But others do it to get in shape and or do it for self worth or just for the fun of it.

Like I said before it is a competitive sport  and also an Olympic sport and hundreds of people watch it and watch their favorite racer win. And one great thing about it is you can start so young. because there are places to run competitively outside of school unlike a lot of other sports.

In fact I started running when I was in 4th grade and I was in love with it. I would go out and run with my mom and get ready for the races on Thursday. I started out racing adults for 2.5 miles and would always get 1st in my age group but usually would get 3rd overall. I felt so good about myself and was in love with running I moved up and did my first 5k race in Indy with my mom, it was called Rad Race color run it was a challenge but it was still fun. Not long after that I moved on to the mile run race against kids closer to my age some were older than me by a year or two and they always won. That next year I got into basketball and got pushed going for a layup and damaged my knee, I sadly I had to quit running because of my knee. I wish I could still run. But after five years I started putting time into basketball however I still wish I could go back.

Running has become a big sport. People in school enjoy competing against other schools and others love running alongside hundreds of other people through the streets of big cities or towns. Some love long distance. They all just love the sport for what it is and it’s variety. I would recommend getting into running, just give it a try I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s easy and good for your health. Running keeps you active and stay fit in a fun way. Just ask anyone who runs and they will tell you the same thing. Go out play some music, bring some water, and just run.

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