Getting Started

Running is a sport to love. And it is a sport to have fun with by challenging yourself a little more than you usually would. Running takes discipline and time, but it’s worth it. Because it really gets you out there and running alongside all the other runners gives you that drive or energy that pushes you to work  harder. For some it’s that ” I want to win” mentality that gets them to work  harder in a race and while practicing.

You know what they say practice makes perfect and it’s true.  Like most sports running takes time. You aren’t going to be the fastest or very best right away. You have to start slow and build up. What I mean is start with jogging or a stationary bike or just walk. After giving that some time then start running a mile a day, once you feel comfortable with that, move up to three miles get comfortable with that, move to five and so on. This will help build endurance and will help you maintain a steady pace while racing. After a few weeks, you’ll begin to believe that the whole idea of an exercise high is not a myth. But, it can be hard to get out the door at first. And relying on willpower alone just won’t work. Make a plan. Listen to your favorite kind of  music, pick the most convenient time to work out and pick some rewards that will motivate you to just get up and go. Write out a plan and write it where you can see it, like the bathroom mirror. If the best time to run is the morning, make sure you’ve got an energizing music mix to listen to, and a relaxing hot shower to look forward to after you’re done.

Running is a yearlong exercise, mainly because there are alternatives to running outdoors, if it is winter or you just prefer to run inside while watching your favorite television show you can run on a treadmill at home you can. You can also go to your nearest gym and run there if you prefer that. Because of all the possibilities running is an easy sport to get into, and because of how fun it is when you get the motivation to keep going you don’t want to stop. When you start running you’ll know what I mean. But you have to take it seriously if you want to get better.

Working hard and just getting out there will get you started but there is more to know about getting better. If you’re starting get a friend to push you to push you to do better and you will become better in no time. Remember hard work and determination will guarantee greatness and better you in running and racing. When you start don’t stop just follow the steps of building up and you will be the best in no time.

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