Created in November 2012 Hendricks County Runners is a club dedicated to bringing together runners of all abilities and fitness levels to partake in the joy of running. We also promote running as a healthy activity within the community of Hendricks County. Whether you are just starting, qualified for Boston, or are gearing up for a 100 miler there is a place for you in Hendricks County Runners regardless of your age or ability. The club provides organized fun runs, opportunities for group workouts, and social gatherings. We strive to be a part of each individual runners fulfillment and helping you reach your goals.

I used Hendricks County Runners to lose weight. When I started I was 210 pounds and it was hard to do a lot of things my friends wanted to do and that motivated me to lose weight. My mom was telling her friend about my wanting to lose weight and she mentioned running, so I looked into it and found Hendricks County Runners. I didn’t want to do it alone so I asked my friend to do it with me. My friend being there made me want to do it more and instead of holding back and making excuses for why I didn’t want to run, he made me get up and go run with him. After a short while I fell in love with the Hendricks running program and I had so much fun with it, mainly because of the people and the different opportunities I had with the program. After about three months I dropped to 175 pounds and felt way better about myself and I met my goal for my weight loss. Even though I got where I wanted to be I continued to run and still do run with the Hendricks County Runners.

We strive to make you love running and we want to challenge you to keep going and be the best that you can be. We also want you to feel welcomed, we have gatherings or parties every month or two just to have a good time and get to know some of the people that you run alongside. Our gathering or party times are always posted on our Facebook page under events with a brief description of what we will be doing.

If you’ve never been on a run with us I recommend coming and checking us out. I promise you will have a good time and feel good about yourself afterward. Trust me it’s a good time.

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